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Water Rates & Fees

Effective August 1, 2017


0-2000 Gallons $19.70 Minimum Bill
Cost per additional 1,000 Gallons $  6.00 per Thousand gallon

note: Meter over 5/8" have an additional monthly charge. These charges are as follows:

1" = $8.80, 1 1/2" = $16.50, 2" = $33.00, 3" = $55.00, 4" = $115.00, 6" = $230.00

Water rates are listed without Sales Tax. Sales tax is added based on the tax rate in the county you live.
Payment Date: The Net Payment amount is due by the 10th of each month. The Gross Payment is due after the 10th of each month which has a 10% penalty accessed.
   note: Should the 10th fall on a weekend or holiday the bill may be paid the following business day without a late fee penalty.
Mail Payments: You may pay by mail but it needs to arrive by the 10th to avoid the late Fee.
Payment Options: We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Discovery and Master Cards. We also have available at no charge: Automatic Bank Draft, Payment drop Box available 24 Hours/Day.
   (Credit cards are charged a 5% processing fee by the credit card company).
Disconnection of Service: Any bill exceeding $30.00 that remains unpaid 10 days past the gross pay date service may be disconnected without further notice. This notice will be on the back of your monthly bill. We also have available at no charge: Automatic Bank Draft, Payment drop Box available 24 Hours/Day.
No Final Notice Will Be Sent Should your water service be disconnected for non-payment the total bill, plus a $25.00 service charge must be paid before the service will be restored. To restore water service after regular business hours the charge is $40.00.
Note: A $1.30 per year fee will be added to a monthly Bill (generally in August) to pay the State Maintenance per customer fee.


Service Charge to Open Account:

Owners - $75.00 non-refundable service charge

   Rental Property: Any renter requesting water service shall produce a Rent Receipt. The Account must then be placed in the renter's name as written on receipt.

New tap fees:

Meter on Water Line Side: $900.00 plus $75.00 Service Charge = $975.00
Meter requiring Road Crossing: $1,125 plus a $75.00 Service Charge = $1,200.00

All taps larger than 1” will be made at actual cost plus 15%, but in no case will be made for less than the cost of a 1” tap.

Returned Checks

$30.00 dollar service charge plus the amount of the check
New Leak Adjustment Insurance effective March 1, 2015 = $ 1.85 per Month